*NOTE* These are not made of the higher end metals like Silver or Gold. As with any jewelleries, you need to take proper care of them before and after use to prevent infection.

Black Stone Earrings - $3.00 /pair
They make any event, any evening, more elegant and spectacular!

Lucky Star
The Right Way
Double Ring

Girls Night Out

Letter "A"
Easter Egg
Sweet as Candy
Elegant Night
Disks and Balls
Calm Evening
Sweet Apple
Mysterious Ways
Disco Night
Saviour's Fish
Romantic Evening
Fancy Party
Stack of Hearts
Center of Attention

Special Limited Quantity Earrings - $3.50 /pair
These are being sold like mad! Get yours today before they go out of stock!

Precious Pearl
Funny Beans
Butterfly Lovers

Leafy Earrings - $2.00 /pair
Available colours: amber, pink, magenta, green, blue, gold, light purple, silver, brown